Seoul-Chicago-Tokyo Quantum Computing Collaboration: Joint Statement by the Security Chiefs of the Three Countries


The President’s Office released news that the security chiefs of Korea, the United States, and Japan announced a joint statement on the 18th to congratulate and support the “quantum cooperation” agreement between universities of the three countries: Seoul National University, University of Chicago, and Tokyo University.

Seoul National University President Honglim Yoo, University of Chicago President Paul Alivisatos, and University of Tokyo President Teruo Fujii signed a letter of intent (LoI) for quantum collaboration. This signing, along with their attendance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland, signifies their commitment to enhancing academic exchanges and research collaboration among the three universities.

The security chiefs of the three countries explained that the recent signing ceremony between universities was a step to fulfill the commitment of the top leaders of the three countries, pointing out that they pledged to implement concrete outcomes of tri-lateral cooperation at the Camp David Summit in last August.

Furthermore, they remarked, “As leading nations in research and development investment, Korea, the United States, and Japan will achieve new advancements by leveraging collaboration of their research institutions.” They evaluated the innovative partnership as beneficial in navigating a new era of technological innovation together.

At the Camp David Summit, the leaders of the three countries agreed to collaborate on quantum computing and pursue joint research in advanced technology fields among their respective national research institutions. Furthermore, the leaders of Korea and Japan reaffirmed the necessity for increased cooperation in technology and personnel exchange in advanced technology fields, including quantum, during their joint visit to Stanford University in the United States in last November.

Three governmental organizations, the Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea, the U.S. National Nuclear Security Agency, and the Japanese Cabinet Office’s Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation, signed a cooperative framework last December. Now, the universities of the three countries have come together to express their intent for collaboration in the field of quantum technology.

The President’s office stated, “Through the signing of this Letter of Intent, our university will be able to systematically promote personnel exchanges and collaborative research in the field of quantum technology with leading global universities. This not only contributes to nurturing talents responsible for the future but also facilitates proactive technological development, making it easier to explore new markets and create jobs.”

According to the White House press release, “The leaders of Korea, the United States, and Japan committed, during the Camp David meeting, to demonstrate tangible benefits of trilateral cooperation to the people of each country. Today’s signing represents another step towards fulfilling this shared commitment.”

The White House further stated, “This collaboration agreement follows the trilateral cooperation framework established in December of last year to enhance scientific cooperation of the national research institutes. We will unite for the common purpose and leverage the strengths of leading academic institutions to pave the way for new opportunities.”