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Welcome to Quantum in Korea, the gate to the status of Quantum Science and Technology research in Korea. The research has been quite dynamic with the rapid growth of government investment. Recently, it was announced that the investment strategy for quantum science and technology results in a twofold increase annually. The Korean research community is responding by gathering multidisciplinary talents toward the success of quantum science and technology. Moreover, industries are moving forward to make an alliance to collaborate and find out the best business models. 

Korea has long been investing huge amounts of money into scientific research and engineering development. Korea’s R&D investment has grown steadily, reaching 4.8% of GDP in 2020, ranking second in the world after Israel. The government is supportive of investing 30% of the country’s total R&D budget as it is well known that science and technology are essential factors that determine the country’s future. 

It also has a strong presence in the Semiconductor and IT industry sectors which are critical technical areas for the success of quantum science and technology. Samsung and Hynix have dominant market share in the memory business and are top-tier companies with cutting-edge semiconductor process technology. It is a good source of the finest process researchers for quantum devices. Furthermore, the country is known as the IT powerhouse, with 10% of the world game software market share. It will be an excellent basis for software engineers to use quantum computing and sensing applications. 

This page is intended to show all activities related to quantum science and technology that are taking place in Korea. However, information is still constantly being updated, so the content will continuously be added and enriched. We, the quantum researchers and government officials in Korea, hope that many people globally may find interest in what is happening in Korea as such interest is the foundation for Korea to cooperate with other countries in the world to develop quantum science and technology. 

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Strategic Planning on the Quantum Science and Technology R&D

From Digital to Quantum

To become a “Leading Country” in 2030’s
through stimulating industry innovation and strengthening national security

High risk fundamental research
Workforce and international collaboration
Research Infrastructure
Application and Industrialization



Development of the core technology Educating the quantum workforce,


Feasibility proof in academic and industry application(Success case)


Industrialization of the quantum science and technology