Seoul National University Launched a Research Center for Quantum Science & Technology… Toward the Lead in Advanced Industries


Seoul National University launched the “Research Center for Quantum Science & Technology” to enhance research activities in the field of quantum science. With the establishment of this group, the university aims to raise international recognition in the field of quantum technology and take the lead in advanced industries.
Seoul National University announced that it has completed the formal procedures for establishing the center. Quantum science and technology is expected to be a core area of ​​advanced industries with significant implications across various sectors including the economy, national defense, and security in the future. The government has also been focusing intensively on fostering quantum science as one of the national strategic technologies since October 2022.

In September of last year, the university signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with IDQ (ID Quantique), a global quantum cryptography company, for joint research and technology development. In December, Seoul National University, along with four other universities (the University of Chicago, the University of Tokyo, Keio University, and Yonsei University), held the ceremony to sign a letter of intent for cooperation in quantum education with IBM, a global quantum computing company. Efforts to promote research and development in quantum science and technology and to cultivate quantum experts are ongoing. Currently, discussions with the University of Chicago are underway for joint symposiums and a quantum camp for global quantum expert exchanges.

The center is expected to significantly enhance collaborative research among quantum researchers from various fields within the campus. The university official stated, “Through collaboration among domestic and international quantum research personnel, we expect to effectively cultivate talent and establish a cooperative research framework with leading countries abroad.”