Norma signs MOU for quantum research and commercialization with Finland’s VTT… Global Network Extensions

Entered: 2023-05-30 11:23

[Reporter Kim Young-myung (]

Norma and VTT held an MOU signing ceremony via video on the 26th of this month and agreed to cooperate closely in researching, developing and commercializing quantum technologies in Asia and Europe. Established in 1942, the VTT Technical Research Center is the largest government-affiliated research institute in Finland. The center holds a leading position in Europe by researching and commercializing innovative technologies such as quantum, ICT, electronics, bio, energy, and security.

This agreement between the two companies focuses on the development and commercialization of Quantum AI (Quantum AI) and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) technologies. Specifically, △ cooperation for quantum AI business △ cooperation in quantum security including PQC △ support for VTT’s quantum business activities in Korea △ support for Norma’s quantum business activities in Europe. For this, the two companies plan to conduct various complementary studies such as joint research projects, quantum algorithm development, and quantum AI applications.

Norma plans to invite VTT to ‘Quantum Korea 2023’ to be held in Seoul from the 26th to the 29th of next month to share global quantum technology trends and seek specific cooperation plans.

Norma is continuing active global business by signing an MOU with Saudi Arabia’s IT infrastructure company ITB (IT BELT) earlier this year and exporting products. The partnership with VTT, which has secured a European network, is also expected to act as a momentum for technology and business expansion. In addition to the Middle East and Europe, Norma is strengthening its global presence by collaborating with quantum research companies in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, and the United States. In fact, Norma participated in ‘Quantum Tech 2023’ held in Singapore last month and presented about the application of PQC, and the news of operating a company introduction booth drew attention enough to be introduced in detail in the local media.

CEO Jeong Hyeon-cheol of Norma said, “I hope that this agreement will lead to the development of quantum technology and the expansion of mutual business opportunities between Korea and Finland.”