Jeonbuk National University

Overview of Quantum Technology Research

Quantum Technology research at Jeonbuk National University is centered on low-temperature transport experiments primarily utilizing quantum dot systems realized from various materials, including carbon nanotubes (CNT), nanowires, and 2D materials. This research spans a wide spectrum, ranging from addressing fundamental issues to the practical implementation for potential qubits. In recent years, our investigations have been dedicated to exploring control of electrical properties via band engineering, with the aim of achieving high temperature robustness for qubits. Furthermore, our research area covers the issues of quantum entanglement phenomena within strongly interacting electron systems such as multiple quantum dots and electron interferometers, aiming for a deeper understanding of the intricate quantum behaviors.


Professors and Laboratories

Department of Physics / professor Ju-Jin Kim

Quantum dot and split gate formation based on 1D and 2D nanostructures



김주진 교수님 <Quantum transport Lab >

Overall research theme: Our research group aims to develop quantum dots based on 1D and 2D nanostructures, such as carbon nanotubes and layered materials, which can be used in high-temperature robust quantum Q-bit. By inducing partial phase transitions or band inversions using the precisely designed local gates, we plan to form split-gate quantum conduction channels to enable conductance quantization, fabricate quantum dots and study gate-dependent quantum conduction properties.


Department of Physics / professor Hyung-Kook Choi

Quantum transport experiment in mesoscopic systems.



최형국 교수님 <Quantum Device Lab >

Overall research theme: Our research group is working towards a better understanding of a mesoscopic electronic system, where coherent behavior of electron plays important role, by means of low temperature transport measurement. Employing general mesoscopic quantum devices, including quantum point contact quantum dot as well as electronic interferometer, the group aims to study fundamental quantum physics issues such as decoherence, entanglement etc. Starting from conventional 2-dimensional electron system, our research scope has now been extended to other low dimensional systems as well.