Hanbat National University

Overview of Quantum Technology Research

Hanbat National University (HBNU) has pursued finding fundamental relations between quantum resources, e.g., quantum entanglement, and quantum information applications, e.g., quantum communication and quantum metrology. Especially, HBNU has focused on the research of bosonic quantum systems, which are realizable on various quantum platforms, e.g., optical photons, phonons in trapped ion systems, and microwave photons in superconducting circuits.


Professors and Laboratories

Department of Applied Optics / professor Jiyong Park

Continuous-variable quantum information



박지용 교수님 < Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Group >

Homepage ≫ https://sites.google.com/view/jiyongparkphysics

Overall research theme : Our group is focused on studying quantum information theory in bosonic quantum systems, which are also known as continuous-variable (CV) systems.