Chungnam National University

Overview of Quantum Technology Research

Research focus at Chungnam National University is the generation of single photon sources based on semiconductor nanostructures. Various materials, including two-dimensional materials, quantum dots, and point defects in solids, are being investigated as candidates for efficient quantum light sources.


Professors and Laboratories

Department of Physics / professor Ki-Ju Yee

Development of quantum light source.




이기주 교수님 < Femtosecond Spectroscopy Lab >


Overall research theme: Our research focuses on the development of quantum light sources based on the nonlinear optical interaction of femtosecond lasers in nonlinear crystals and the manipulation of defect induced luminescence centers in 2D layered materials.


Department of Physics / professor Donghan Lee

Single photon sources based on a quantum dot..



이동한 교수님 < Quantum Dot Optical Device Lab >


Overall research theme: We are developing high-brightness single photon sources and entangled photon pairs, using semiconductor quantum dots, with excellent properties required for quantum computing and quantum communications.