Chungbuk National University

Overview of Quantum Technology Research

Research Institute of Nanoscale Science and Technology, which is now also known as Quantum Imaging Laboratory, at Chungbuk National University is dedicated to the fields of quantum imaging and metrology. One of our primary objectives is the advancement of cutting-edge quantum imaging technology, specifically designed to detect exceedingly weak signals by harnessing paired photons. Additionally, we are also actively engaged in pioneering technologies for visualizing quantum phenomena based on superresolution imaging, ultrafast spectroscopy, and SQUIDs. Our research portfolio extends to the exploration and characterization of future quantum materials, as well as the development of quantum devices.


Professors and Laboratories

Department of Physics / professor Hyunkoo Kang

Quantum imaging and quantum microscopy.



강현구 교수님 < Hybrid Organic Electronics & Nanophotonics Lab >


Overall research theme : The primary focus of HOEN lies in exploring light-matter interactions within hybrid systems. Our investigations are centered on investigating how the formation of polaritons impacts the optical and electrical properties of organic molecules when they are strongly coupled with various optical cavities based on cavity quantum electrodynamics. Further, our research interests also encompass the high-resolution imaging of quantum phenomena and the examination of nanooptical properties of organic metasurfaces.


Department of Physics / professor Kyoung-Ho Kim

Quantum imaging and quantum microscopy.



김경호 교수님 < Micro Optics Lab >


Overall research theme : Our research focuses on investigating the interactions between light and matter in nanostructures, including nanoparticles, nanowires, and photonic crystals. We aim to further our understanding of these interactions and their potential applications in molecular sensing. Currently, our objective is to find a new light source capable of imaging weakly absorbing transparent materials by using paired photons generated by the spontaneous parametric down conversion process. We believe that our approach will reveal hidden objects for visualization.


Department of Physics / professor Kiwoong Kim

Quantum sensor and quantum metrology.



김기웅 교수님 <Quantum Metrology Lab >


Overall research theme : Our research interests are based on quantum metrology for electro-magnetic field measurements by using SQUIDs, atomic vapor, diamond nitrogen vacancy, mechanical cantilevers, etc. We continue pursuing novel detection principles and developing systems such as magnetic resonance force microscopy (MRFM), cryogenic NV nanoscopy, micro-Tesla NMR/MRI, biomagnetic resonance (BMR), MEG, MCG. In conjunction with high-end signal processing/analysis, inverse problem solving, machine learning, clinical diagnoses, and electrophysiological modeling, we expended our research area to biomagnetism, biomedical/military applications and human perception studies.