Chonnam National University

Overview of Quantum Technology Research

We conduct comprehensive research on quantum materials, encompassing both experimental investigations based on a variety of substances such as atoms, metamaterials, and spintronics, as well as theoretical studies of quantum computing and quantum simulation. This integrated research approach between experimentation and theory allows for a holistic perspective. Various experimental research teams, each focusing on different materials, collaborate to share their respective quantum technologies and strive to generate and apply new ideas in the advancement of quantum technology.


Professors and Laboratories

Department of Physics / professor Ara Go

Computational many-body theory for quantum phase transition, quantum materials, and quantum computing.


고아라 교수님 < Computational Quantum Many-Body Physics >


Overall research theme : We explore quantum systems through computational simulations, with a particular focus on computational approaches to quantum materials and strongly correlated electron systems. Our research interests encompass interaction-driven metal-insulator transitions, dynamical mean-field theory, impurity solvers, and the study of interaction effects in topological insulators. Additionally, we harness the power of machine learning and quantum computing algorithms to probe strongly correlated systems.


Department of Physics / professor Geol Moon

Quantum gravimeter and quantum sensor.




문걸 교수님 < Atom & Photon Interaction Research Group >


Our research team is conducting quantum technology research using neutral atom vapor cells and cold neutral atoms in a magneto-optical trap. First, we are engaged in the development of quantum magnetic field sensor technology using neutral atom vapor cells at room temperature, as well as research in nonlinear spectroscopy and quantum optics. Second, we are conducting research on miniature inertial sensors based on cold neutral atoms close to absolute zero temperature and studying the nonlinear and non-equilibrium characteristics of cold atoms.